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More Storm Damage, More Diplomacy, & More Calls for US to drop the embargo

November 14, 2008

Dear Friend:

We’ve been busy on the Cuba news front this week.

The first thing we talk about is the weather. The island was lashed
by Hurricane Paloma. While the storm destroyed more homes and
infrastructure, Cuba’s skill at civic preparedness helped affected
residents survive their material losses. Surveying the damage, Cuba’s
president, Raúl Castro, reminded the Cuban public [...]

UN General Assembly Votes on US Cuba policy; Embargo loses in a landslide
Tue, 11/04/2008 - 23:11 — drupal
Dear Friend:

This week at the United Nations, those of us who care about
America’s image in the world were provided a powerful reminder of what
has been and an equally powerful warning of what could come.

Six days before the [...]

UN embargo vote approaches — Cuba steps up diplomacy

-New Videos from Cuba
October 24, 2008
Dear Friend:

Watch the United Nations next week.

On Wednesday, October 29, the UN General Assembly will vote for the
seventeenth consecutive year on a resolution condemning the United
States’ embargo on Cuba. Last year, the resolution was adopted by a
vote of 184-4. The outcome, this year, is not really in doubt. [...]

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