San Diego de Los Baños

For the budget conscious wishing to visit the beautiful landscape of Viñales Valley and Pinar del Rio, this hotel offers quaint and modest accommodations at unbeatable prices. The valley is also a national monument, its beauty and size, 132 square km (51 square miles) make it the most outstanding example of karst valleys in Cuba. This fertile area is surrounded by hills with vertical sides and rounded tops, called Mogotes (pin-cushion hills). With 140 to 400 m (between 460 and 1312 feet) high, they are the only hills of this kind in Cuba. They contain many caves, some of them created by underground rivers (which are navigable in part), which form one of the most extensive cave systems in Latin America.


Calle 23 Final, San Diego de los Baños. Los Palacios.

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