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Cash-strapped Cuba will require visitors to buy health insurance

Cash-strapped Cuba will require visitors to buy health insurance if they want to enter the country, according to a new government measure disclosed on Saturday. Under the measure, which takes effect in May, the insurance will be sold by foreign companies approved by the Cuban government or by Cuban firms at ports of entry to […]

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We Reported: July 15th 2009 & July 11th 2009   Today’s news from Reuters September 29th 2009 * Many foreign business accounts blocked in Cuba * Businessmen complain government offers no explanations * Cash squeeze after global downturn, hurricane cleanup   HAVANA – Many foreign suppliers and investors in Cuba are still unable to repatriate […]

“Cuba Got (diplomatic) Mail” – US diplomat overstays 5 days

  US and Cuban diplomats grow closer to a diplomatic understanding after a high level diplomat spends an extra 5 days in Cuba after the much anticipated direct mail service talks.   It is expected that the talks are nothing more than a preparation between the two countries than, preliminary talks on how to lift […]

Banco Financiero Internacional (BFI) and Banco Metropolitano block withdrawals on accounts of foreign firms

On this hot summer day the tensions are palpable at Banco Financieros 5th avenue branch, foreigners outside chat between themselves using words like “incredible”, “diabolical” and even “bank fraud”. Their chagrin being something that few are willing to talk about in open through fear of reprisals on their accounts or total loss of their deposits. […]

Cuba´s car rental agencies gear up for increased Cuban American arrivals

With the landscape of tourism set to change, possibly forever, Cuba´s state owned Transtur, sole national car rental company which collectively controls brands such as REX, Havanautos and CubaCAR is furiously working to modify its 2009 new car purchase allotment to include a high percentage of automatic vehicles. Unlike European tourists who predominantly drive stick […]

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