Just how to submit an application for a Tourist Visa to your USA through the Ukraine

Just how to submit an application for a Tourist Visa to your USA through the Ukraine

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Ukrainians seeking to go to the united states of america need to jump through a couple of hoops making it happen – a 11-hour trip, seven-hour time huge difference and visa application included. If you are likely to look at the united states of america as a tourist, you may need the B-2 visa for leisure travel. Regrettably, the B-2 visa application process isn’t precisely a stroll into the park.

Confirm You’re a Tourist

The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, which regulates visitation towards the united states of america, legitimately presumes that most tourist visa candidates want to immigrate into the U.S. and helps make the candidates in charge of showing otherwise.

If that b-2 is wanted by you visa, you will need to show that the united states of america visit is temporary and also you’re maybe maybe not planning to immigrate long-lasting. To achieve this, you have to show that:

  • Your U.S. journey is short-term, such as for example for company, leisure or hospital treatment.
  • Your see is actually for a particular and time period that is limited.
  • The funds are had by you to cover your costs while you are traveling in the usa.
  • You’ve got a residence, in addition to social and ties that are economic not in the united states of america, which will make fully sure your return from your own journey.

You will need to gather the after documents to offer proof that you are a tourist and never an intending immigrant:

  • Evidence of earnings, taxation re payments or ownership of home or a company.
  • An schedule of the travel plans, and just about every other information about your prepared trip.
  • A page from your own company that details your role, wage, the length of time you have been used as well as your getaway time.
  • Any unlawful or court public records that pertain to an arrest or conviction anywhere, even though you’ve already finished your phrase or been pardoned.

If you should be pupil, consider bringing your transcripts or proof of monetary help to show your student status. Performing adults might bring a page from their boss along side current pay slips. If you are visiting a relative, bring copies of the relative’s evidence of status in america, and in case you have formerly checked out the United States, bring documents that help your immigration or visa status from that journey.

Finish the program

Appearing you are a tourist is not also a part that is official of visa application find-bride procedure. when you have collected evidence that is sufficient show that you’re not, in reality, intending to emigrate through the Ukraine towards the united states of america, you are going to still need to obtain and finish all of the necessary products for a B-2 visa.

Keep in mind that the usa usually combines the B-2 visa aided by the B-1 visa, which can be legitimate for site visitors traveling on business. Both visas need which you distribute the application that is following:

  • A visa that is non-immigrant application, also called the DS-160. The U.S. can be visited by you Travel Docs site to have the type.
  • A legitimate passport with an termination date that is at least half a year beyond your planned check out towards the united states of america. Each person must submit an application if your passport includes more than one person.
  • One passport picture, sized 2 x 2 inches. Your mind needs to be focused into the framework along with your eyes showing, while the back ground should be off-white or white without having any shadows. Do not protect the face or mind, and keep an all-natural expression that is facial.
  • A receipt showing that you have pa >

Whenever finishing the DS-160 form, consider it out in English with English-language characters, except when you’re asked to provide your full name in your native alphabet that you must fill. The application form is online, so remember that if you are amiss about it for more than 20 consecutive mins, your session will expire and you’ll need to begin over. Answer all of the concerns as totally and accurately as you can, or perhaps you may need to reschedule your visa meeting appointment and commence your visa application procedure from scratch.

Once you’ve finished the DS-160, print the application that is barcode to submit together with your visa application.

Make and Go To Your Visit

As a B-2 applicant through the Ukraine, you will need to schedule a visa that is non-immigrant visit aided by the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv. Appointments are free from cost and Monday that is available through beginning at 8 a.m.

To be able to schedule your visit because of the embassy, you may need:

  • Your passport quantity
  • Your Raiffeisen Bank Aval receipt number.
  • The number that is barcode your DS-160 verification web page. The barcode must certanly be 10 digits.

Whenever you arrive for the meeting visit, remember to bring a printed copy of the visit page, your DS-160 verification web page, a recently available picture of your self, your present passport and all sorts of old passports, along with most of the application things and supporting papers you may need.

In Ukranian, Russian or English or contact the embassy’s call center through Skype if you have additional questions for the embassy, you can email it.

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