Oct 2 Newsblast: Frozen food prices in Havana…

Oct 2 Newsblast: Frozen food prices in Havana, Frozen visas in the United States and Frozen foreign policy laws in Florida

Dear Friend:

When we looked at the news in Cuba this week, we saw a series of fascinating but troubling contrasts.

On the issue of hurricane relief and recovery:  Cuba’s government has
taken steps to thwart price gouging, and it continues to receive
support from the United Nations and other nations, notably, this week

Meanwhile, Congress is likely to recess this week for our elections
without removing restrictions on the right of Cuban-Americans to help
their families cope with losses from the storms.

On the issue of diplomacy:  We look at talks between Cuba and the
European Union; our European allies still hold to the “quaint” notion
that you can mediate differences and disagreements between nations by
sitting down and talking.

Meanwhile, our government is pressuring the government of Cyprus not to open an embassy in Havana.

On constitutional rights:  A federal court held this week that a state
law passed in Florida, requiring travel service providers to post a
quarter-million dollar bond, is probably unconstitutional, and stayed
enforcement of the law pending a trial.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government denied visas to two Cuban working journalists who have covered the UN for three years.

By the way, this action comes nearly a year after a speech by President
Bush in which he offered to provide loans to Cubans once the Cuban
government did things like offer protections for freedom of the press,
and it comes just a few weeks before the UN votes on whether to condemn
the US embargo for the seventeenth year in a row.

This is a story that the Cuban journalists should be allowed to cover, don’t you think?

You can access the entire October 2 Newsblast here.

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