After the Hurricanes: Still time for Congress to Act, Video Footage of Determined Survivor, Political Winds Blow

Dear Friends:

We again highlight stories that focus on Cuba’s recovery from the hurricanes.

Congress, as it deals with the financial storms battering the U.S. economy, can still pass legislation freeing Cuban-Americans to help their families on the island, before its Members leave Washington to campaign for reelection.

Cuba, while receiving international donations, continues to turn down donations from the U.S. administration.   At the same time, a high-level delegation of Cuban officials visited the United Nations at the opening of the General Assembly.  The debate later next month on the annual resolution condemning the U.S. embargo will assume higher visibility in the context of Cuba’s hurricane recovery.

Meanwhile, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez told an audience at Harvard University that the administration would resist efforts to loosen the embargo, since damage from the hurricanes might help force changes in Cuba’s system.

Despite the Secretary’s brutal cynicism, there is an important shift in opinion and tone in South Florida where the focus is on “what can we do to help.”

That’s the spirit we all need in the face of this crisis.

The supporters and readers of Cuba Central have demonstrated their decency and concern these last weeks by making generous contributions for Cuba hurricane relief.

You have contributed $15,664 to relief efforts in Cuba.  Thanks to your help, aid shipments by Catholic Relief Services, Global Links, MEDDIC, Daughters of Charity, Jewish Solidarity, and other organizations can make their way to the Cuban people.

Make no mistake; many more contributions are needed, but these donations will certainly be put to good use.

You can access the entire September 26 Newsblast here.

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