Shaunie O’Neal may be the ex-wife of 1 of the basketball earth’s many players that are respected Shaquille O’Neal

Shaunie O’Neal may be the ex-wife of 1 of the basketball earth’s many players that are respected Shaquille O’Neal

A successful entrepreneur in her very own right, Shaunie is spending so much time to balance work, her five young ones and maintaining her buddies under control.

These days, Shaunie is pouring a lot of her effort and time into her organizations: buying properties round the global globe and starting a cannabis dispensary.

However when her son Shareef’s wellness is with at risk, this mama bear is able to place – find your russian bride every thing on hold on her behalf cub. Together with his life exactly in danger, the O’Neals’ tight-knit household becomes closer than in the past. Then when tensions that are old estranged friends flare up, Shaunie doesn’t always have time for you fuss. This powerhouse that is no-nonsense prepared to place anybody who crosses her within their spot.

Tami Roman may be the ex-wife of retired baseball player Kenny Anderson. The caretaker of two, who had been an old “Real World” star, will continue to concentrate on her individual development after using a significant part of Reggie Youngblood to her relationship.

But Tami must work out how to make amends whenever Reggie’s part in her life threatens her relationship along with her daughters. So when her ex is stricken by having a stroke that is life-threatening Tami is obligated to confront her very own health conditions.

These major life occasions have actually placed things into viewpoint for Tami, and she no more has persistence on her behalf buddies’ messiness. Then when she’s dragged to the muck, she is willing to fight fire with fire.

Evelyn Lozada will continue to bring her boogie-down Bronx charm and feisty mindset to every thing. Raised entirely by her mother, she constantly aspired to break away from her fairly world that is small dreaming of one thing larger and better. Mother of two is concentrated on the young son’s burgeoning career that is athletic therefore she actually is wanting to balance being truly a baseball mother along with the rest.

But major medical issues are bringing her down. An enormous flare-up of irritation has left this previous workout queen feeling susceptible.

This isn’t good location to be as her feud with Jennifer continues. Maybe there is an opportunity to salvage their 20-year relationship? Or are things done once and for all? Luckily for us, Evelyn possesses weapon that is new her toolbox: a buddy from ny, Feby Torres.

Jackie Christie, spouse of retired l . a . player Doug Christie, is well-known for her outlandish antics and over-the-top meltdowns. In accordance with her youngest kid making the nest and going to college, Jackie is on shaky ground.

But after intensive treatment, Jackie is decided to create a brand new and enlightened viewpoint to her number of buddies by wanting to play all edges.

Nevertheless, her techniques goes awry whenever Jackie is accused to be fake and distributing rumors that are nasty. Supported into a large part, Jackie is quick to guard by herself resistant to the vicious costs.

Malaysia Pargo has finally discovered comfort after divorcing Charlotte player Jannero Pargo, and she is now splitting her time between L.A. and Atlanta.

And Malaysia is not just bouncing between areas. a cousin by wedding, she actually is place in a tough spot of mediating between Cece Gutierrez and Kristen Scott. Tensions amongst the two continue steadily to flare, and everybody else is waiting on hold by a thread. Desperate to fix her family that is broken attempts to bring everybody together, including Byron and Thomas Scott.

But once Malaysia learns that her so-called-friends are distributing rumors that are vicious her – and even more importantly, her kiddies – this peacemaker is able to visit war.

Jennifer Williams may be the ex-wife of successful expert baseball player Eric Williams.

This troublemaker continues to haven’t discovered her concept and it is rumors that are spreading wildfire.

Nevertheless when Jen is faced with the women, she stops working and reveals the reality behind her violence along with her unhappiness. The brokenhearted confession has a number of the females flocking back once again to her part, but is it adequate to create her former close friends straight straight straight back together?

Kristen Scott is hitched to NBA that is former coach Scott, the son of Byron Scott. Kristen happens to be a right component associated with Scott household for almost 10 years. But her family that is idyllic life shattered whenever Cece Gutierrez arrived to the picture.

With Cece and Byron newly involved, tensions involving the ladies are at a high that is all-time.

So when family secrets started to light, Kristen understands simply whom to blame – and how to have her revenge.

Cece Gutierrez is really a registered nurse that is involved to previous L.A. player and mentoring legend Byron Scott.

But instead than celebrating, Cece is finding your way through a struggle with her future stepdaughter-in-law Kristen, who’s perhaps perhaps maybe not invited for their wedding.

Tensions between your two continue steadily to increase as family members secrets are spilled and hands are pointed. straight back at Cece.And whenever a wellness scare sends Cece towards the physician, she learns who her real friends really are.

Ogom “OG” Chijindu may be the gf of Kwame Alexander, who’s presently playing offshore. The indigenous Nigerian is seeing some major life modifications this season as she retires from playing expert football.

The former gridiron goddess is quick to lash away and also to spill the tea. However when she weaponizes a Scott family key, the women commence to wonder so just how she got that information within the place that is first.

Would it be that the aggressive OG is truly a pawn an additional player’s game?

Feby Torres, ex-girlfriend of Los Angeles player Lance Stephenson, is set to come out of her previous boyfriend’s shadow and distribute her wings that are own becoming a rapper.

But leaving her hometown of Brooklyn to pursue her aspirations is harder than Feby imagined whenever she faces the loss that is devastating of grandfather.

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