We came across their mum, dad and bro in addition they instantly didnt just like me, for just what reason i honestly didnt know when I ended up being constantly courteous and attempted having conversations using them.

We came across their mum, dad and bro in addition they instantly didnt just like me, for just what reason i honestly didnt know when I ended up being constantly courteous and attempted having conversations using them.

His mother i disliked the essential because since soon when I met her she had been very boastful and revealed off her home and she ended up being extremely materialistic, such as saying ‘my husband purchases me personally this and that and he provides me everything i want. Ect, thats all she had been interested and ended up being clear, she too had been narcissistic. She wasn’t enthusiastic about her son (my ex) and also told me he had been a failure and they both(their moms and dads) favored the bro over him.it had been clear. My ex would ALWAYS defend them it doesn’t matter what and went against the things I thought for months and he stayed with me, i even remember falling out with him because his dad said he doesnt want a mixed race child in the family tree. And his brother kept telling him everyday that he should get me to abort the baby, i used to get very upset to the point i couldn’t eat about them(which i guess most would) He told them three months into the pregnancy that i was pregnant and took a scan photo round, his mum said nothing but his dad and brother were very angry with him and didnt talk to him.

For the entire 9 months i never saw their household, he nevertheless talked for them nevertheless they had been cool with him.

We separate more times than i’m able to could count in public for getting pregnant as he would always put other priorities before me and make promises and didnt keep them, he would make fun of my looks still, accuse me of the baby not even being his, call me a prostitute and ugly and that im dirty english scum ect. And blame me. I’d stay inside my buddies sometime after about two weeks and say he loves me personally and wishes me personally right back, but he had been NEVER sorry for exactly how he talked or managed in my experience because we felt alone, but he’d text me personally.

Once I had my child within the medical center, his mum and dad made a decision to come round and go to their grandchild, they didnt actually talk to me personally plus they took over my daughter in most means feasible also to this day (she actually is three) also in route out from the medical center one of many aunties took my infant in a split automobile from me personally, i had been worried to the point of sickness and upset. They said they didnt just like the title me personally and him selected on her and desired us to offer her a indian name, they even call her an Indian title today and not make use of her delivery name after all, they asked to help keep her for four months one time aswell! They get my woman to call them mum and dad and me personally by my very first title. They also fill her with candies and unhealthy foods to which ive needed to state one thing to which their dad simply responded ‘i am the grandfather ill give her the thing i want’ I also stopped her from going round just as much and which my narcissistic ex took us to court over, coz he thought he previously a hold he studied law over me due to the fact.

As time continued before we discovered he had been a narcissistic, we dropped away and returned together wide range of times, we rowed over their household on the reality he never ever went near me, kised me ect, withdraw intercourse from me personally and put me straight down, he also decided to go to a different country behind my as well as additionally some times whenever my girl had been really young he’d turn their phone down and I think he had been cheating. Since Ive understand him he’s had many different jobs, cars and two various homes.

We split almost a year ago, He tried getting me back once or twice or offered me out places a few times, but i never accepted. It was and still is very hard to accept and i still have to deal with his narcissistic parents in my child’s life, not disciplining my child over spoiling her and over feeding her. I was brought up with my grandparents so have no family but his who can help me out when i go back to work ect because i felt alone and very insecure in the relationship i finally had enough and.

I then found out through investigating and also speaking with their ex girl that I think he could be a narcissistic and certainly will utilize other people to profit himself.

We worry for my child’s well being and victim she shall never be affected by narcissism.

I consequently found out recently due to facebookwith due to evidence) and she is writing how in love she is and how he’s her prince, but his comments to her are more of the sexual nature to which she isn’t aware yet, because its only been a few months. But soon she will see the real him, nasty, cold, controlling, bored easy, unsettled selfish man where as he can not feel love, then he’ll be on to his next victim for his supply, that he is with another woman (who i believed he cheated on me.

However in the mean time I must bring their kid within the i that is best can, whilst setting up along with his childish games along with his families impact on my daughters life.

Many thanks for reading my long dyslexic tale lol and I also want complete data data recovery to women and men working with a narcissists within their everyday lives.

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