Autentica Cuba – Cuba´s tourism ministry launches its new campaign


Officially putting the “Viva Cuba” campaign to rest, the Cuba Tourist Board unveiled their new global marketing campaign ” Auténtica Cuba
In addition to the launch, attendees welcomed visiting Cuban vice-minister, Maria Elena Lopez, as well as introduced Cuba’s new director, Ruben Jimenez.


Jimenez, who will be based out of the tourist board’s Toronto office, had this to say to the trade members in attendance, “We are here to support your needs. The Cuba tourist Board is only a phone call away.”


Proud of the new campaign, Jimenez added that it shows off Cuba’s unique identity and highlights the country’s strengths.



The new campaign, developed by Brandworks International, Inc., an independently owned Canadian advertising and marketing communications company based in Toronto, wanted to represent Cuba as “more than a beach destination. It’s a county,” said Michael Clancy, Brandworks International Inc.


The motivation behind it all…

Responsible for deploying the campaign in over a dozen countries worldwide, Clancy offered attendees a sneak peek at the motivation behind the campaign, and what people can expect some of the images to look like.


According to Clancy, the idea behind “Auténtica Cuba” was to showcase “something special about this place that was so unspoiled and untouched.”


“Beyond the beach, there is so much there,” he said.



Taking the concept, a picture is worth 1000 words, Clancy pointed out that the new campaign was designed to delve into the emotional benefits of travelling to Cuba. It highlights real images of Cuba, from the local musicians and Tropicana dancers to colonial architecture and fun in the sun.


A truly sensory experience

Accompanied by authentic Spanish lyrics, produced solely for the campaign by local artists, the idea of using images and sounds more directly from the streets of Cuba to help create a “sensory, experiential experience.”


Each image was thoughtfully created with the thought in mind: ‘could I put myself in the picture? Can I put my family in the picture?’



In addition, the new campaign highlights the country’s sun and beaches, cities and heritage, culture and history, nature and diving, as well as shows off cultural elements, such as: colonial architecture, living heritage, traditional celebrations, idiosyncratic see of the regular Cuban and achievements in health, safety and education, explained Clancy.


Riding the waves in between

Complimented by a stamp-like logo, designed to represent the stars up above, the sea below and Cuba riding the waves in between, the new logo also incorporates the country’s love of baseball in the font.


After a sampling of the campaign’s billboard, TV ads and web banners, Clancy asked and answered the question – “So, what’s so authentic about Cuba… everything!”


Bookings website – Auténtica Cuba

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