Eusebio Leal of Habanaguanex meets with Unesco official



Irina Bokova of UNESCO met today with Old Havana´s infamous front man Eusebio Leal. Few Cubans have lasted so long in such a post and the reasons why Mr. Leal has outlasted most of his peers (and critics) is that the job he has done and is doing is truly remarkable. Whether it be courting foreign investment in the case of the NH Parque Central to the second iconic Saratoga hotel, Mr Leal has juggled with a lack of state funding and left over funds from foreign investments to turn the National Heritage site and UNESCO protected of Old Havana from a run down shanty town into the chic place it is today.

One of the few Fidel protégées to see equal worth in the shadow of his brother Raul, Eusebio Leal has made a massive difference to Old Havana.

After meeting his Unesco meeting in Paris Mr. Leal attended a Humanitarian conference at the university of Bordeaux

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