Breakthrough as US eases embargo on Cuba

For all Cuba watchers yesterday’s decision by the US government can only mean a gradual easing of the embargo before it is finally lifted. The paramount part of this latest move is that it shows the US is still listening to the world or that someone has a heart at the state department. Nevertheless, the rewards could be great for some businesses in the US still in the midst and reeling from the biggest housing slow down in recent history. Helping Cuba rebuild and selling construction materials for some suppliers may be an unexpected financial windfall. Cutting through the “generosity” angle it’s pretty obvious that this is an astute move on a diplomatic standpoint also. The US has always been the worlds “band aid” and its bigheartedness around the world, in times of trouble, has never been in doubt. Look at some of the latest world disasters and look at the aid provided and the US if not first was probably second in assisting those in need. It was probably a shock to most that the US was not “doing the right thing” with Cuba but, with yesterdays news we see that, in the end, logic and compassion does prevail, albeit sometimes. This is great news no?

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