Could this whole spy thing be a practical joke on the US?

At TheCubaBlog we always enjoy a foray into the bizarre so what about this hypothesis.


The retired Myers, lacking the perceived power of his State Department business card and lacking the excitement his past employment provided, decided to create a real life novel while talking to the undercover FBI agent. After all, there´s nothing more dramatic than reeling off experts from a spy novel with you as the main protagonist to appease the retirement blues. No?


Plus, could Mrs. Myers be totally out of the loop here? In order to justify his desires to visit Cuba he was playing a kind of game to spice up their marriage, his status and promote his “important roles” at his white collar job that lacked the excitement of the real state department spies?


  • After all, the accusations seem rather simplistic.
  • US think there´s a leak somewhere.
  • US lines up a few candidates to meet with bogus Cuban operatives in the US.
  • Bogus Cuban agent come FBI investigator meets with retired man now living humdrum days. Retired man fantasizes with a self fulfilling story.
  • Agent records the stories some of which allegedly took place 30 years ago and some more recent stuff.
  • The Myers fantasy story turns into a serious problem for them.


We bet that this is little more than fantasy smoke and side show mirrors. Could the joke therefore be on the US for even bringing this story up in the first place? It will be interesting to see if their recorded testimony to the FBI agent be the sole shred of proof the prosecutors have.

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