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The Plot…. fiction or fact?

NEWSWEEK March 2009 For years, two tidbits of conventional wisdom have dominated debates among Cubanologists (a tropical subspecies of former Kremlinologists). First, that Deputy Prime Minister and economic czar Carlos Lage has been in charge of running the island economy since the early ’90s, and, despite differences of opinion regarding his performance, was seen as […]

Cuban Americans get to go back in time with new old rules on travel to Cuba

The US Congress has turned back time on Cuban American Travel to Cuba to around the year 2000. Back then, in the booming pre crisis days, Cuban Americans were able to visit family once a year. President Bush, along with other draconian measures on sending money to family members, stemmed travel to Cuba by the Cuban […]

Carlos Lage and Felipe Perez Roque resign from all government positions

Today has seen both ex officials hand in their figurative notices to the party they once were emblematic figures of.

News on Shake up in Cuba – Perez Roque and Lage

Felipe Perez Roque and Carlos Lage slated as “undignified” but why? The foreign minister and cabinet chief ousted in Cuba’s political shakeup were driven by ambition to “undignified” behavior, ex-president Fidel Castro said, adding that he was consulted on the changes. In the biggest cabinet reshuffle in Cuba’s 50 years of communist history, President Raul […]

Carlos Lage Before being removed from Government

This “was” Carlos Lage voting

EX Minister Felipe Perez Roque at the UN

Felipe Perez Roque Before getting fired

Raul implements Massive government shakeup

Felipe Perez Roque who had been Havana’s chief diplomat since May 1999, was replaced by his deputy, Bruno Rodriguez.         Carlos Lage, a vice-president who had far-reaching economic powers, was also removed from his post as executive secretary of the Council of Ministers, but it was not clear whether he would stay on as […]

CNN On firing of Lage and Perez Roque

CNN´s take on the government shake up “undignified?”

Fired Perez Roque and Carlos Lage

News on removal of both

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