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Nationalization in the US?

Was thinking the other day about the 700 Billion USD they are trying to pass through congress for distressed home mortgages.  While thinking it through I googled and got this thanks to “The U.S. national average purchase price for a single-family home reached $264,540 in October 2004, according to figures released by the Federal […]

After the Hurricanes: Still time for Congress to Act, Video Footage of Determined Survivor, Political Winds Blow

Dear Friends: We again highlight stories that focus on Cuba’s recovery from the hurricanes. Congress, as it deals with the financial storms battering the U.S. economy, can still pass legislation freeing Cuban-Americans to help their families on the island, before its Members leave Washington to campaign for reelection. Cuba, while receiving international donations, continues to […]

New photos from Cuba

Hi gang. Several of us from the Center for Democracy in the Americas had the opportunity to visit Cuba over the weekend. We visited Havana, and several areas around the island, interviewing random people and taking pictures and video to assess local attitudes and progress on hurricane recovery. You may now view photos from this […]

Breakthrough as US eases embargo on Cuba

For all Cuba watchers yesterday’s decision by the US government can only mean a gradual easing of the embargo before it is finally lifted. The paramount part of this latest move is that it shows the US is still listening to the world or that someone has a heart at the state department. Nevertheless, the […]

Worldwide oil prices drop 40% pump prices increase by over 40%

Oil prices plummeted on Tuesday in Asia, falling briefly below $92 a barrel as investors feared the U.S. credit crisis that brought down brokerage giant Lehman Brothers will drag on global economic growth and restrain demand for crude. Light, sweet crude for October delivery tumbled $3.59 to $92.12 a barrel in electronic trading on the […]

Economic woes, hurricane fallout…then gas increases

On May 29th we reported that gas prices in Cuba were set to rise that same weekend. For some reason the increase was held back until September the 14th but was more than expected. It would appear that the bare essentials of food items are also leaping up in price while a lack of basic […]

Reporting on Cuba, the hurricane damage it has experienced, and the enormous tragedy stemming from losses of food and shelter

Dear Friend: Our news summary, once again, contains extensive reporting on Cuba, the hurricane damage it has experienced, and the enormous tragedy stemming from losses of food and shelter. In the short-run, we continue to ask our fellow citizens to support legal efforts that provide aid to Cuba’s people.  We do so again today, and […]

After Gustav and Ike, Cuba Needs A Gentle Storm of Generosity

The Cuban people need our help.   As you know, Hurricane Gustav inflicted grave damage on Cuba last week, including the destruction of homes, electrical grids and crops.   It was described as Cuba’s worst hurricane in 50 years.   With little time to recover, Hurricane Ike entered and hammered the eastern part of the island […]

Hurricane Hits Cuba During Political Season in America

Dear Friend: This week, our news summary is dominated by the sorrowful news from Cuba about the destruction inflicted by Hurricane Gustav on the island and its people. While no lives were lost, its grievous damage included the destruction of 100,000 homes and crops worth millions of dollars. The devastation, we’re told, is horrific. Billions […]

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