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So what’s all the hoopla about the Juanes concert in Havana?

Conceptually some guy who happens to be a Singer is holding a concert right? I can´t help but wonder what all the hoopla is about. But, then again maybe I can. If the concert was in any other city we´d learn little about it unless we lived there. It’s a bit like Sun City, Moscow […]

A look into Remittances – an improbable way forward for Cuba

Back in the early nineties a report was submitted to Fidel Castro concerning the threat against national security the growing dependence on foreign remittances was becoming for Cuba´s economy. The main preoccupation stemming from a government sanctioned ban on approved US remittances by George Bush. In many respects this transpired under Bush who capped remittances […]

Cuban Communism needs U.S capitalism to survive

  In yet another sign that Cuba is impatient to heel to the US and, probably more related to financial needs than actual desire, Raul Castro repeated with and air of impatience on Saturday that he is ready and willing to talk to the US….Again. It is now common knowledge that Cuba´s finances may not […]

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