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Generación Y – Cuba’s oddball Y Generation of Child Names

As a resident of Havana, Cuba’s glorious capital, Yanitse Garcia has toiled for three decades correcting people on the pronunciation and spelling of her name. 
So when she had her first child, Garcia naturally decided to save her daughter a lifetime of misery by choosing a simple name that everyone understand and which flows off the [...]

The US has a way to shut down Wikileaks, the infamous SDN list

Could the SDN list be the best censorship tool for websites?
You may not know what the SDN list (Specially Designated Nationals) is but we´ll explain. It’s the US version of Iran and Chinas state censorship machine. Initially created with good intent to inform the world (and US entities, persons) of Terrorists, Rogue regimes and other [...]

Autentica Cuba - Cuba´s tourism ministry launches its new campaign

Officially putting the “Viva Cuba” campaign to rest, the Cuba Tourist Board unveiled their new global marketing campaign “ Auténtica Cuba ”
In addition to the launch, attendees welcomed visiting Cuban vice-minister, Maria Elena Lopez, as well as introduced Cuba’s new director, Ruben Jimenez.
Jimenez, who will be based out of the tourist board’s Toronto office, had this [...]

Bogged down by financial woes, in the midst of a financial meltdown the Cuban economy doe’s not need more “ideals” but, they subsist.


Cuba´s economy, fundamentally dependent on tourism, continues to ruin relations with Travel professionals and foreign operators located on the island or worldwide. The primary motives being the dreaded “stop sales” emanated by Cuban firms and tourist enterprises to their foreign partner’s months before the next high season approaches with apparently no sales concluded for the [...]

General Culture

Cuban culture is a combination of Spanish and African traditions. The blending of the Spanish guitar and the African drum [...]

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