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Bogged down by financial woes, in the midst of a financial meltdown the Cuban economy doe’s not need more “ideals” but, they subsist.

  Cuba´s economy, fundamentally dependent on tourism, continues to ruin relations with Travel professionals and foreign operators located on the island or worldwide. The primary motives being the dreaded “stop sales” emanated by Cuban firms and tourist enterprises to their foreign partner’s months before the next high season approaches with apparently no sales concluded for […]

First reported on TheCubaBlog now being reported by others

We Reported: July 15th 2009 & July 11th 2009   Today’s news from Reuters September 29th 2009 * Many foreign business accounts blocked in Cuba * Businessmen complain government offers no explanations * Cash squeeze after global downturn, hurricane cleanup   HAVANA – Many foreign suppliers and investors in Cuba are still unable to repatriate […]

“Cuba Got (diplomatic) Mail” – US diplomat overstays 5 days

  US and Cuban diplomats grow closer to a diplomatic understanding after a high level diplomat spends an extra 5 days in Cuba after the much anticipated direct mail service talks.   It is expected that the talks are nothing more than a preparation between the two countries than, preliminary talks on how to lift […]

The mojito effect? Cuba seems immune to the Caribbean tourism slump

     If America’s spy satellites are trained on Cuba at this very moment, they’re likely to reveal local tourism officials puffing away on celebratory Cohibas. The reason? While tourism is down big-time across the rest of the Caribbean, tourist arrivals to the Communist isle are up 3.1 percent, year to date. Compare that with […]

Fidels back! and praises Obama on climate

It seems he´s back! Former Cuban President Fidel Castro and iconic ruler of Cuba has praised US President Barack Obama’s speech before the UN General Assembly for its words on climate change.   Mr Castro described President Obama’s admission that the US had been too slow to act on climate change as a brave gesture. […]

Negociante Español revela su experiencia en Cuba

  Me llamo José Fernández González. No hay nada peculiar en mi nombre, en mis apellidos o en mis antecedentes familiares. Nací hace 56 años en España, mi país, y allí viví y trabajé honrada y exitosamente hasta que cometí un error romántico: hace un poco más de 20 años, en 1980, me enamoré de […]

Cuba takes first step to allow free enterprise and repair its crisis hit economy

Dozens of Cubans, hoping to use their private cars as taxis, lined up outside the Transport Ministry’s office today in central Havana. They were waiting to apply for a taxi license, an option that hasn’t been available to Cuban citizens in a decade.   According to sources, Cuba stopped granting new licenses for private taxis […]

Cuban vice president Juan Almeida dies

  HAVANA – Cuban Vice President Juan Almeida Bosque, a revolutionary commander who fought alongside Fidel Castro to bring down a pro-American dictatorship, has died. He was 82.   An official communique issued through state media said Almeida, the number three official in the Americas’ only communist regime, died late Friday from cardiac arrest.   […]

Cuban Americans Plan for a Ferry from Miami to Havana

MIAMI – Imagine a ferry from Miami to Havana that costs far less than a flight. Cuban-Americans, who can now visit the island without restriction, could eat lechón on deck, and then deliver a shipping container of food to needy relatives by morning.   Armando Ruiz, 72, a Cuban exile and former concert promoter, has […]

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