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Raúl Castro uses liberal amounts of ice over U.S. Overture

President Raúl Castro dismissed President Obama’s changes in policy toward Cuba as “achieving only the minimum,” and said Wednesday that it was up to the United States – not Cuba – to do more to improve relations. The State Department shot back that the onus was on Cuba to show it was serious about meaningful […]

U.S. Plans Informal Meetings With Cuba

NEW YORK TIMES PIECE WASHINGTON – Seizing the momentum from recent meetings with Latin American leaders, the Obama administration is quietly pushing forward with efforts to reopen channels of communication with Cuba, according to White House and State Department officials. The officials said informal meetings were being planned between the State Department and Cuban diplomats […]

Dialogue speeds up to break neck pace between US and CUBA

Cuba ready to send prisoners to USA with families in exchange for the Miami five For what would appear like a thawing in dialogue and a possible opening of meaningful and constructive dialogue both nations, for the first time in President Raul Castro’s presidency, direct exchanges have begun after Obama took the lead in a […]

Cuba – Obama announces return of Clinton´s 1999 policy on Cuba

Time Magazine from 1999 during the Clinton era along with Obama´s 2009 Clinton era Cuba policy…”we´re going to travel like it was 1999″   The White House announced Monday that it is abandoning long-standing restrictions on family travel, remittances and gifts to Cuba, and also is taking steps to open up telecommunications with the island, […]

Ban on travel to Cuba may be lifted (At last)

Vietnam and China are OK, now Cuba will also be on the “OK list” for US tourist dollars Latest from Washington — A bipartisan group of senators predicted Tuesday that Congress was ready to pass legislation to allow all Americans to travel to Cuba. Removing the travel ban would produce a burst of tourism, create […]

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