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Going, Going, gone…Libreta set for extinction, now what? Raised salaries? Direct payments to each Cuban or, nothing?

  Comments such as this abound in Havana today – One day after the shocking news – “Cuban´s who earn 14 USD per month received the monthly rationed food, touted by the government to be valued at over 200 USD of food supplies, as a supplement to low salaries. We wonder who in government will […]

Yoani Sanchez travel to US – Refusal Video

Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez refused departure from Cuba – Founder of  

Could the Cuban government be abolishing benefits to raise wages to international standards?

At present the whole concept of Cuban workers receiving 15 USD per calendar month and for 40 hour work weeks was the concept of receiving several “benefits”. These look set to disappear as Cuba grapples with a critical economy. But can the government afford to pay its workers proper wages to cover the following lost […]

Cuban rations and the famous “libreta” to be a thing of the past

The system that allows islanders to buy food at deeply subsidized prices each month has long been one of the central building blocks of the country’s socialist system, providing everyone from surgeons to street-sweepers the same allotment of basic foods like rice, beans and a bit of chicken.   Now, state-run media are suggesting the […]

Bisa Williams, the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state does, Juanes Concert, Dissident Mettings and some time with the Cuban Government

  A senior U.S. diplomat who traveled to Havana for the highest-level talks with Cuban officials in decades also met with opposition activists to discuss their political views, three dissidents told local foreign journalists.   Apparently a friend of Usha Pitts, who left the Cuban interest section in Havana 2005 and who will have certainly […]

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