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Could Cuba become the next Iceland?

It’s a narrow road and one that can bring about severe hardship for those living in the nation. Iceland is a good example. Icelanders are basically bound to their nation for the longer term as their currency has become relatively worthless.   What ‘bankrupt’ means is just that: The country cannot pay back its external […]

“The War on Terror” by Hasbro

During the early nineties Hasbro executives, makers of games such as Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly,  were apparently summoned to the white house for what would be the creation of a new board game to be played by both democrats and republicans in their spare time between sessions in the senate, house of representatives and even […]

Cuban government to declare return to the special period (periodo especial) before October

Between 1990 and 2000 the Cuban government offered its citizens a new phrase “periodo especial” or in English the “special period” to officially recognize a period of extreme strife and apparent restructuring of the Cuban economy. Cubans quickly adopted the phrase “Periodo Especial” as the motive for 12 hour daily power cuts, reduced food rationing, […]

Is Fidel Castro de world’s most prolific blogger?

  Now, let me look at today’s blogs, tweets and reflections…Reflections? One could be mistaken for considering Fidel’s Blog Posts (reflections) as simply a regular blog post but on the government websites. Yes, Fidel Castro posts as often as Ashton Kutchner or Perez Hilton but the world appears to be waiting for each post with […]

Fidel Castro says Myers case is a farcical “espionage comic strip”

“espionage comic strip illustrated” Using his trademark humor and dismals of US banter, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Saturday called charges that a former U.S. State Department official and his wife spied for the Cuban government for nearly 30 years “ridiculous” and described the case as an “espionage comic strip.”   Castro neither confirmed […]

Could this whole spy thing be a practical joke on the US?

At TheCubaBlog we always enjoy a foray into the bizarre so what about this hypothesis.   The retired Myers, lacking the perceived power of his State Department business card and lacking the excitement his past employment provided, decided to create a real life novel while talking to the undercover FBI agent. After all, there´s nothing […]

The spies who loved me – Fidel Castro

This isn’t the first time foreigners have been hypnotized by the mystique surrounding Fidel Castro. The surprising aspect of this case is just how long Walter Myers and his wife Gwendolyn Myers allegedly managed to remain operatives of the Cuban intelligence while seemingly managing their lives as Agents for the US and nobody there being […]

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