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Cuba legitimatize black market via taxes

A decision by Cuban authorities to open up the island’s state-controlled economy to some private enterprise has seen many line up for a new business license.   The fiscal overhaul was announced in September last year by president Raul Castro as a way to reinvigorate the economy, but is only now starting to show signs […]

Throwing out the soap with the bathwater

As Cuba moves away from its 5 decade old ration book, many are still asking questions. Is this all just a cost cutting measure propped up by propaganda of greater freedoms? What is the average Cuban getting “new” these days? Well he can request to start a business in a pathetic array of vocations for […]

Prominent Communism detractor speaks

Former Polish President and Nobel Peace Laureate Lech Walesa, a key player in helping bringing down communism in Eastern Europe, said Tuesday that there will soon be a political change in Cuba. “It’s going to happen,” Walesa said, speaking through an interpreter. “But the world must be ready for the changes that will bring about,” […]

First reported on TheCubaBlog now being reported by others

We Reported: July 15th 2009 & July 11th 2009   Today’s news from Reuters September 29th 2009 * Many foreign business accounts blocked in Cuba * Businessmen complain government offers no explanations * Cash squeeze after global downturn, hurricane cleanup   HAVANA – Many foreign suppliers and investors in Cuba are still unable to repatriate […]

Has the US turned off the Havana news ticker or is it just being reprogrammed?

For those Cuban´s who use bicycles as their only means of transport the absence of the Ticker at the US interest section in Havana, erected in 2006, is a disaster. Used as a distance calculator during blackouts it emitted crimson light along the Malicon on the dangerous corner at Tangana. Its conspicuousness also touted the brazenness […]

Fidel Castro says Myers case is a farcical “espionage comic strip”

“espionage comic strip illustrated” Using his trademark humor and dismals of US banter, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Saturday called charges that a former U.S. State Department official and his wife spied for the Cuban government for nearly 30 years “ridiculous” and described the case as an “espionage comic strip.”   Castro neither confirmed […]

Blinded by the light from Washington

The sun seems to be shining on Cuba of late. Not even the pro embargoers can fight off a wry smile. As the saying goes “any press is good press” and Cuban officials are basking these days in the limelight as the world’s newspapers fire out the next articles like bullets from a soviet era […]

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