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Gas Prices Rise in Cuba

Cuba is set to raise gas prices on June 1st by up to $1.50 per litre making the gallon a $6 luxury. Sources say that these increases will also be applied to basic products such as cooking oil, bread etc.

Buying a car in Cuba and what not to do…(like buy one..)

First off, forget buying one of those old American cars. There are so many foreigners with “belief of real ownership” stamped into their neurons that are taken for a ride (pardon the pun) by owners of these vehicles. The adage “tell me what you want to know and I´ll tell you it’s what you want [...]

Have Yacht won´t sail nor eat

This buddy of mine who enjoyed the easy life had retired in Havana, had rented and furnished the ubiquous “casa Particular”, put a new $2000 ICE hifi system in his girlfriends brothers Lada and all the other weird stuff retirees with loads of money and little sense do in Cuba while reveling in the single [...]

The Cuban Zoo and live food

I had my mother gazing in horror one day when I told her about the stray dog van that drags around a metal trailer with a one-way door on the back. This vehicle seen in places like Marina Hemingway and Playas Del Este is “the end” for stray dogs in Havana. When I say the [...]

Havana City Geography

Havana City has an extension of 727,4 sq km (280,8 sq mi) [...]

General Culture

Cuban culture is a combination of Spanish and African traditions. The blending of the Spanish guitar and the African drum [...]

General History

Coming from the very heart of the American continent, from the Orinoco-Amazonas region, arrived the first inhabitants of the [...]

General Geography

Cuba, the largest of the Antilles, is an archipelago consisting of a main island named Cuba, the Isle of Youth and about 4,195 keys [...]

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