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“Cuba Got (diplomatic) Mail” – US diplomat overstays 5 days

  US and Cuban diplomats grow closer to a diplomatic understanding after a high level diplomat spends an extra 5 days in Cuba after the much anticipated direct mail service talks.   It is expected that the talks are nothing more than a preparation between the two countries than, preliminary talks on how to lift […]

Fidels back! and praises Obama on climate

It seems he´s back! Former Cuban President Fidel Castro and iconic ruler of Cuba has praised US President Barack Obama’s speech before the UN General Assembly for its words on climate change.   Mr Castro described President Obama’s admission that the US had been too slow to act on climate change as a brave gesture. […]

So what’s all the hoopla about the Juanes concert in Havana?

Conceptually some guy who happens to be a Singer is holding a concert right? I can´t help but wonder what all the hoopla is about. But, then again maybe I can. If the concert was in any other city we´d learn little about it unless we lived there. It’s a bit like Sun City, Moscow […]

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