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Hilary Clinton Internet Censorship Farce

Melia turns power back on at the end of the CiberTunnel

Worldwide coverage ignited by the Melia Hotel Chain surrounding the secret videotaping of two Cuban nationals being abruptly refused internet access deemed by the Melia employee as “only for foreigners” appears to have induced a “quiet” annulment of the said new government directive to all hotels. Bloggers on the island are reporting that the ban […]

Qatar investment group signs second deal on ex Chinese Prado y Malecon site with Habaguanex

In 2000 the buzz word was the “Chinese are coming” as Cuba´s Ministry of foreign Investment (MINVEC) signed deal after deal with Chinese groups. The Marina Hemingway Chinese restaurant being the first joint venture used frequently to court other such deals. Then there was the development of the sea front in the Marina Hemingway where […]

Sol Melia prohibits internet use by Cubans in its Cuban Hotels

In an unusual twist right out of a badly written novel, Sol Melia denied access to the internet on camera to two Cuban citizens this past Sunday. In itself a remarkable decision by the Spanish chain with more hotels in Cuba than any other. The video shows a Melia employee alleging that both Etecsa and […]

Venezuela’s Vergatario Cellphone to turn bytes into digital remittances for Cuba

[youtube][/youtube] A termination fee is the charge imposed by telecommunications operators to allow a call to end on their network and the receiving person’s handset or ground line. These fees are generally higher when ending on a cell phone network. Cuba charges one of the highest rates in the world to allow people outside Cuba […]

Cubans banned from using public internet access

[youtube][/youtube] May 2009 – Cuban´s banned from using internet access

Cuba´s car rental agencies gear up for increased Cuban American arrivals

With the landscape of tourism set to change, possibly forever, Cuba´s state owned Transtur, sole national car rental company which collectively controls brands such as REX, Havanautos and CubaCAR is furiously working to modify its 2009 new car purchase allotment to include a high percentage of automatic vehicles. Unlike European tourists who predominantly drive stick […]

Blinded by the light from Washington

The sun seems to be shining on Cuba of late. Not even the pro embargoers can fight off a wry smile. As the saying goes “any press is good press” and Cuban officials are basking these days in the limelight as the world’s newspapers fire out the next articles like bullets from a soviet era […]

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