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Raul Castro to local Journalists – OK so long as you’re not Cuban…

  Fancy yourself as a part time journalist? Open a business in Cuba…    In April 2012 my colleagues here wrote an extensive report on fraud in Cuba, revealed by a foreign blogger based in Cuba. However, it occurred to me that the ramifications of this article were not entirely analyzed and some important issues […]

Yoani Sanchez travel to US – Refusal Video

Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez refused departure from Cuba – Founder of  

Melia turns power back on at the end of the CiberTunnel

Worldwide coverage ignited by the Melia Hotel Chain surrounding the secret videotaping of two Cuban nationals being abruptly refused internet access deemed by the Melia employee as “only for foreigners” appears to have induced a “quiet” annulment of the said new government directive to all hotels. Bloggers on the island are reporting that the ban […]

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