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Getting out of Cuba | Marriage instead of a raft?

Perversely, as Cuba´s tourism numbers increase, so do the opportunities for Cubans to exit the island. You see, while tourists wander around Old Havana snapping shots of decaying buildings, the Cubans sat in them are scheming about how to get out of the country. Some are courageous enough take to rafts to cross the intrepid [...]

Cuba Import Tax Hike | Biting the hand that feeds

In our recent article concerning the introduction, then slow winding back of liberties in Cuba, we offered evidence that Raul Castro was simply opening the door (again) due to the Pope´s visit. Much like his brother did a decade earlier. The door snapped shut about 1 year after the Pope had left in Fidel’s case. [...]

Havana City History

In 1512, after two previous settlements, the town of San Cristóbal de La Habana was finally established [...]

Cuba Travel Nightmares - Disgruntled Travelers tell all

Give us the low down on what went wrong. Tell us…What happened? Who did it? Why? How much did you lose? Sorted it out? Want to complain? Got a beef?

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