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Blogomania Hits Fidelandia

  With the advent of this site, it seems that this year will be best remembered as the “Year of the Blog” in Cuba.  Along with this site, which will likely cover different aspects of life inside and outside of Cuba for Cuba aficionados throughout, a growing number of Cuba-related blogs are coming to the […]

Videos of different Views from Obama and McCain on Cuba

Pretty much like most of you, we at the CubaBlog have been glued to the comments of the future elect and upcoming president of the United States. Whoever it is next week, it would appear that change is in the pipeline. Obama´s pipe appears less obstructed than Mc Cain´s but, both have made quite a […]

If the world could vote on the US elections what would the result be?

Pretty interesting site out there at If the World Could Vote which also includes online polls from Cuba and Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, etc.  Seems that Mc Cain got a bit of a battering…wonder why?

Ideas on Limits of fruits and vegetables. And a solution?

An idea to get food from where it is to where it should be

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