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Ernest Hemingway still haunts Cuba

HAVANA – Ernest Hemingway still haunts Cuba; he’s just doing it in wax. A life-size likeness of the legendary author debuted last week at a wax museum in the eastern city of Bayamo. Hemingway wrote “The Old Man and the Sea” while living in Cuba and his exploits in literature and life are celebrated in […]

56 websites and counting…U.S questions China but problems closer to home

  Using phrases and words from the U.S constitution and countering the much maligned criticism by Hillary Clinton of China´s alleged Internet Censorship the new twitter profile proves that unchanged hypocrisy abounds…the tweets speak for themselves… Follow to get the broad picture of U.S censorship of the Web and the time the Government spends […]

From Miraflores with love

CARACAS, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has turned to his friends in Cuba for help in tackling Venezuela’s energy crisis, drawing criticism Wednesday from opponents who say that the communist-led island is notorious for its own electricity woes. The socialist leader announced that Cuban Vice President Ramiro Valdes had arrived on Tuesday to head a Cuban […]

Yoan Earns 500 dollars selling Internet access on Cuba’s vast and varied black market

Yoan used to earn 25 dollars a month working as a computer technician for a state company — and an extra 500 dollars selling Internet access on Cuba‘s vast and varied black market. The 31-year-old managed 10 accounts for government employees who had authorized email access and would rent out their passwords to trusted clients […]

Prominent Communism detractor speaks

Former Polish President and Nobel Peace Laureate Lech Walesa, a key player in helping bringing down communism in Eastern Europe, said Tuesday that there will soon be a political change in Cuba. “It’s going to happen,” Walesa said, speaking through an interpreter. “But the world must be ready for the changes that will bring about,” […]

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