Cuban government to declare return to the special period (periodo especial) before October

Between 1990 and 2000 the Cuban government offered its citizens a new phrase “periodo especial” or in English the “special period” to officially recognize a period of extreme strife and apparent restructuring of the Cuban economy. Cubans quickly adopted the phrase “Periodo Especial” as the motive for 12 hour daily power cuts, reduced food rationing, disappearance of public transport and other basic essentials.


Much the same as other governments around the world, Cuba chose to implement a catch phrase that would allow its citizens to coin-a-phrase, somehow unrelated to national governance, to explain the daily toils of its people. Mums and Dads would tell their insistent children that there would be no ice cream because of “the special period”. Elders, without power for most of the day would chatter between themselves while rotating daily “apagon” (electricity rationing) meetings over a game of dominos that the “special period” is to blame for their extended blackouts.


Until recently, other citizens of the world failed to determine exactly what the Cuban Special period was. Of late though, governments of the US, UK, France, Spain and most developed countries have used similar catch phrases which are now familiar to us all “Economic crisis” “global slowdown” “mortgage crisis” “worldwide recession” etc ,etc. All of these phrases have something in common though – third party blame – for failed national economic policies. You see it’s easier to coin a phrase to explain your nation’s daily strife and economic woes than actually accept blame for them. For those citizens who accept the phrase as an explanation for all their problems it’s akin to some mysterious force stepping into their lives that their government is working hard to eradicate. A metaphorical, “Evil ghost of the Special Period” or “Economic crisis Tyrant” that your popular government knows about and is doing its best to catch, try and ultimately condemn with the death sentence.


In democratic societies the ghost or Tyrant, was probably conjured by your last government – The “evil other party, president or prime minister”, a type of foray into recent history where the scapegoat hides. When no change in government has transpired since the good days left the scapegoat is usually another country, the US or the past. The point is that elected officials are voted for because they proclaim to know all the answers to the questions. There’s a side of every voter that searches salvation, improvement and to right the wrongs. For those of you who have just gone through elections or are going through them right now I guarantee that either you already did vote for the person who promised to catch the “Economic crisis Tyrant” the best or, if you are up for elections you´ll be deciding between parties that are all vying to offer more proof that ONLY THEY can apprehend the “Economic crisis Tyrant” in these times of trouble.


So, how does all this relate to Cuba? Well, very soon Cuba will (by October) begin using the “Special Period” again to subdue the angst of strife which has already begun for most on the island. In fact for some, the phrase may be reintroduced too late as faith erodes at an alarming rate. Most governments know that to quell the angst they need to introduce the culpable third party hastily. In short, bring in the “Economic crisis Tyrant” quickly and hope he is portioned with all the blame by the masses.


With no recent history to raid, no past party to blame, no ex president to condemn (or could this happen?) and the USSR dead and gone the Cuban government will need to be extremely creative in its explanation to the masses of why its time re adopt the phrase. Without the mezmerizing of Fidel Castro who would explain the mechanics of the “Special Period” on all channels of Cuban TV for hours, days and weeks until every last person was convinced and, those that weren´t were outweighed by way of popular belief by those that were. Those days may be over. In fact, we´d predict that Fidel may actually reappear if only to relay this crucial message before October rolls around. By using Fidel as the secret weapon the government may just, and very very just, use the euphoria of his return to stage to explain what could be the most difficult message Raul Castro´s government must transmit to its people in recent Cuban history.


So as this article is about mystical phrases we offer you our own prophecy from the – nuestrocubablogus quatrain:


“Tracksuit discarded the mighty one returns to stage”

“He shall prescribe the bitterest pill that Cuban´s may have to swallow”

“The onlookers will rejoice in euphoria of the return of their hero”

“His calming speech will enthrall the people and quell the angst”


….Until then…Watch this space….


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