Have Yacht won´t sail nor eat

This buddy of mine who enjoyed the easy life had retired in Havana, had rented and furnished the ubiquous “casa Particular”, put a new $2000 ICE hifi system in his girlfriends brothers Lada and all the other weird stuff retirees with loads of money and little sense do in Cuba while reveling in the single man’s lifestyle. Anyway, this friend had the bright idea to buy a yacht, the obviously perfect toy in Cuba right? Wrong… After going through all the formalities, bringing in his yacht, renting out the berth in the Marina Hemingway, getting a local captain! He proudly stood by his yacht, deck chairs on the marina and the whole works… The second night he was back after the short journey from Key West he decided to invite all of his ¨barrio” friends and an assortment of ladies back for dinner on the back of the yacht. The table was set, captain dressed in his best captains shirt and dinner had been on the make all day. The smell was out of this world. As we all sat down to taste the delights of the evening first came one then two then 10 security guards from the said Marina. Guess what? Part of the unwritten rules when having a yacht in Cuba. No guests! Not even for a meal! Even if your yacht has no engine or sails and could not move from the berth…no one onboard…no one at all..Unless it´s you. Needless to say, my friend sat for several months (alone) on his new toy before shipping it back to Miami where it was promptly resold…

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