Cuba Digital Media Giant Travelucion Courts Acquisition Offers



Controlling a gigantic portion of Cuba related internet traffic has just become a unique commodity that the Cuba digital media corporation Travelucion is relishing. The company’s colossal group of 432 multilingual web properties seemingly dominating each and every internet search. Everything from the life of enigmatic American writer Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, to reserving a Casa Particular Homestay or booking an Old American Car tour in Havana can be found on a Travelucion website. Operating legendary websites such as GoCuba, CubaVIP, Cuban Culture, CubaAdvice, plus +90 e-commerce website Cuba Travel Network, all linked to almost 450 additional websites, means the company is one of the first searches for +250 million inquisitive Americans now looking for information about their previously “forbidden fruit” neighbor, located just 90 miles from Florida.

Travelucion is one of the few Digital Media Corporations that has been able to monetize Cuba related internet traffic during the Cuba vs United States saga that has spanned numerous decades. Astute advertising deals with the likes of tradedoubler, and direct paid advertising has helped the company to not only maintain its massive portfolio of Cuba Web Properties but, also develop new collections such as its 2014 launch of +85 destination focused Cuba Geo series, illustrative 16 site Cuba Classic network and its massive +100 website .net Cuba geo network. All told, Travelucion boasts no less than 432 websites, either built from the ground up or acquired from competitors during once tougher times.


Reading Travelucion’s latest MediaKit seems to mirror the recent political changes in Cuba. Boasting up to 400% increases in revenue month-on-month since President Obama extended an olive branch to President Castro in December 2014. Sources at the company have seen a 5 fold increase in U.S internet traffic over the past months, U.S visitors to their web properties having shot to the #1 spot in just a few short months, meaning that U.S internet traffic now represents 34% of the approximately 30 million page views the company received over the past year.


With U.S media companies scrambling to play catch-up in market which has been off limits for over 5 decades, Travelucion is naturally obtaining increased interest in its Cuba Web Property Online Media Network. In recent news articles the company’s CEO has openly admitted “interest from important international entities”, while remaining tight lipped about whether these are U.S based companies. There is no doubt that acquiring such a massive array of Cuba centric web traffic will appeal to certain U.S companies, especially those operating in the travel sector. The prospect of acquiring hundreds of decade’s old Cuba web properties in a single transaction will certainly give the buying company a massive edge over competitors, exactly at a time when interest in the United States for “everything Cuban” is already at fever-pitch.


The name Travelucion brings a wry smile to some, since it blends “Travel” with the Spanish word “Revolucion”, a name Fidel Castro gave to his overthrow of the Batista regime some 5 decades ago, a word brightly emblazoned on communist road signs and buildings all across the island nation. One thing is definitely sure, the revolution in internet traffic brought to the Cuban online scene by Travelucion will be difficult to emulate in the coming years.

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