Is Fidel Castro de world’s most prolific blogger?


Now, let me look at today’s blogs, tweets and reflections…Reflections?

One could be mistaken for considering Fidel’s Blog Posts (reflections) as simply a regular blog post but on the government websites. Yes, Fidel Castro posts as often as Ashton Kutchner or Perez Hilton but the world appears to be waiting for each post with bated breath. No other individual´s posts are reprinted worldwide and translated into multitudes of languages as Fidel Castro. To put this into perspective it would be like George Bush posting daily blogs on the US State Department Site concerning US affairs or Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s latest foreign affairs decision. Or Jacque Chirac posting his opinions on France´s international affairs on the French government site

Somehow though, we have become captivated about reading Fidel´s reflections as a type of pseudo Cuban Foreign Affairs press release. Sort of “this is how Cuba thinks of the issue at hand”.

Since his retirement literally hundreds of posts have emanated from his keyboard and been reprinted instantly around the world.

Is there anybody else in the world who posts regular articles that are immediately relayed worldwide or any other blogger with so much “posting power” as Fidel? As a blogger at heart maybe the future could see him bringing other Cuban bloggers to the forefront and possibly creating a team of people who regularly post views on current affairs other than professional journalists. Maybe there could be a “Reflection Center” In all major towns in Cuba where Cuban´s can go and post their views on anything and everything as Fidel does. Based upon the impact of his posts and their inherent distribution worldwide this may be something for the future.

So, Could Fidel Castro therefore be the world’s most prolific blogger?

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