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  While watching my daily FOX news fix yesterday, I was overwhelmed with the day’s content. First of all there was all the news about the government nationalizing the banking industry, or thereabouts. Then came the part of the labor unions that, via income from their members’ monthly dues, finance numerous ads in the American socialist party’s magazine. To top all this off there´s the unbridled purchase of property, bought during the subprime days, by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with the 200 billion they are getting. In a nutshell, tantamount to government owned housing. There´s also vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin´s socialist Alaska where, much like Venezuela, she has implemented law that gives every Alaskan resident a part of the oil revenue from that US state. There was even talk about “Medical care for all” under a socialist style system on FOX.

The interview with Frank Llewellyn of the National Socialist Party Leader USA then capped my evening agenda….


There´s also Carol Browner, a member of Obama’s cabinet who is also claimed to have socialist beliefs which, if we are to believe this Video news feed from Fox, underlines some of Obama´s political inclination. Who knows? Then there´s the statement from the Socialist International, it says socialism has “promoted successful political movements and decisively improved the lives of working men and women.”


One begs to ask, does this mean that, after failure of a market economy, Socialism is the way to go? When the free market fails then socialism is the answer as remedy to the ills and social issues surrounding the said failure?


So can we deduce, only hypothetically that is, if you’re whole nation is economically blockaded by the world’s largest economy 90 miles from your shores for decades and, thus, any sliver of desire to implement free market reforms be practically impossible and a socialist political model is adopted by the blockaded nation, is this then acceptable? The opposite hypothesis is removing the economic blockade; see if market reforms are implemented letting the nation’s economy flourish then, see if socialism is the desired political model.


It would seem that times of strife bring about all sorts of tendencies, even those proposed by Frank Llewellyn.


Any thoughts?

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